Each frame is hand made using 20 x 30mm wood edging available in Mocha, White and Black with a 2mm acrylic clear face. Acrylic is great as a covering as it is much lighter than glass and much more shatter resistant, but it needs care when cleaning as it is more susceptible to scratches (cleaning should be done with a lint-free cloth). As it is shatter resistant, few picture framers are willing to ship large prints with anything but acrylic. Images are printed on Kodak Professional Premier Endura VC Digital Paper which has an archival life of 200 years, other papers are available upon request.

Frame and matting choices

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Paper choice

Standard Papers

Premium lustre -  Images on lustre paper have higher saturation and are glossier than matte finish papers.

Enhanced matte - Matte paper reduces glare on the image and are generally less contrasty than lustre papers. Matte paper also has more texture to its surface than lustre paper.

Premium Papers

Rag photographique (smooth paper) - A cotton-based flat and completely non-reflective paper stock with a higher white point than the standard papers.

Aquarelle rag (textured paper) - A cotton-based paper with a water colour texture. Non-reflective and with a higher white point

Further info

I am also more than happy to look at other printing and framing options if you want. This may include different paper, frame or glass (e.g. museum glass) options. Other options may also include using a different professional printer and/or framer BUT the printer that I use seems to be among the best and most reasonably priced that I have found. Other framing sizes are available upon request. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ask!

For orders and enquiries simply contact me via the "contact me" link from the menu (on the left for web users) or via the contact details on my "about me" page and I will get back to you ASAP.

The courier fee with flat packing (directly from the printer) is $24.  If your orders combined weight is over 5kg, you will be charged two courier fees. If you live in Brisbane, your are more than welcome to pick up for free (from Yeerongpilly, 4105).

A framed native Fijian bee (20x30 frame, 16x28 matt)

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Frame Size Matt Size Standard paper Premium paper
11 x 14" No Matt $270 $300
  Matt $300 $340
16 x 24" No Matt $580 $680
  Matt $640 $740
20 x 24" No Matt $750 $890
  Matt $810 $950
24 x 36" No Matt $1,060 $1,320
  Matt $1,140 $1,390
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