If you are interested in commissioned work for a specific purpose I'd encourage you to contact me using the "contact me" form (accessed from the menu on the page's left). I very much enjoy working with people to produce the images that they need for a defined purpose. For commissioned work I will work closely with the client in order to produce the image that the client desires. In order to achieve this please provide me with as much of the relevant information about the project as possible, this could include: number of images needed, subject of images (invertebrates, vertebrates, electrical components, etc.), image use (commercial, scientific, educational, personal, etc.), creative ideas/concepts for the final product, media type (print, social media, apps, etc.), budget for photography and any other relevant information.

My previous commission work includes:

Work for many scientists to include images in their scientific work

Miniature Lives (CSIRO publishing)    

The Australian Native Bee Book (published by Tim Heard)

Southern Cross Botanicals

Commission shot examples

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