Dorey media list

Media interviews and presentations

Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Some interviews

   1. 30/7/17 - Narelle Graham, ABC ~30 mins (bees in general)

   2. 16/7/18 - Helen Meyer, Adelaide Radio (service voices) ~60 minutes

   3. 10/10/18 - John Flemming, ABC, ~40 minutes

   4. 10/10/18 - Gareth Park, Perth Radio, ~10 minutes

   5. 12/10/18 - Fairsy, LAFM Radio, ~5 minutes

   6. 14/10/18 - John Stanley, 2GB radio, 5 minutes

   7. 15/10/18 - Angela Smallacombe, ABC Regional SA, 60 minutes

   8. 17/10/18 - Richard Perno, 2CC Radio, 10 minutes

   9. 21/10/18 - Michael Keelan, FIVEAA radio, 10 minutes 10. 30/10/18

   10. Tim McMillan, ABC Radio Perth and WA breakfast, 10 minutes

   11. 15/11/18 - Jon Faine, Lisa Pelligrino and Mikey Robins, ABC the conversation hour, 20 minutes (of 60 minute show)

   12. 15/01/19 - ABC TV News Breakfast with Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland

   13. 26/Feb/2021  - ABC national news radio ~9:15 AM  

   14. 26/Feb/2021 - Regional radio 2:50 PM talking with Anna Moulda ~ 2:50 PM     

   15. 26/Feb/2021 - ABC QLD, Afternoon Regional Drive ~4:40      

   16. 26/Feb/2021 - 4BC radio with Scott Emerson ~6:10 PM    

   17. 2/Mar/2021 - 4ZZZ Radio pre-recorded chat 1. >7:30 Adelaide time    

   18. 4/Mar/2021 - ABC brain's trust segment 7:05 AM     

   19. 11/Mar/2021 - 2SER interview 9:15     

   20. Eastside fm, Sydney, the Sunday Supplement.    

   21. 6/Apr/2021 - Festival City on Radio Adelaide with Stefanie Staelens      

   22. 3RRRFM, Uncommon Sense program 25 minute talk with Amy Mullins. 

   23. 19/May/2022 - ABC Radio Australia, Pacific Beat, 10 minute talk with Nick Fogarty

Missing for almost 100 years: the rare and potentially threatened bee, Pharohylaeus lactiferus (Hymenoptera, Colletidae)

Called by (for written stories)

   - Stuart at the Brisbane Times

   - David Mills News Corp Metros

   - Heidi Petith at the Daily Mercury in Mackay — News Corp paper

Writing for

   - Aus Geo

   - The Conversation

Bushfire paper


   1. ABC radio Tamworth with Kemii Maguire

   2. ABC science with Genelle Weule (Stefan Caddy-Retalic did)

For written stories

   3. UK independent article with Harry Cockburn


   1. Ben's Bees podcast Talked at 8:30 on 5/Mar/2021  

   2. Wildlife Cake and Cocktails podcast interview on 18/Dec/2018

   3. Talking Australia (Australian Geographic)

Conference presentations

   2021 Australian Entomological Society Conference

   2021 Australian Ecological Society Conference

   2021 BeeCon

   2020 International Society of Hymenopterists

   2019 2nd Australian Native Bee conference

   2019 Australian Entomological Society Conference

   2018 Australian Entomological Society Conference

   2018 1st Australian Native Bee conference

   2017 Society of Australian Systematic Biologists Conference

Invited presentations

   2021 & 2017 Field Naturalists Society of South Australia talk

   2019 Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre talk

   2019 Friends of Black Hill & Morialta talk

   2019 Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide talk

   2019 FlowHive talk

   2018 Two Brisbane library bee presentations

   2018 Great Southern Railway presentation at the South Australian Museum

   2018 Book launch at South Australian Museum

   2017 Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure pollinator talk


   — Morphometric comparisons and novel observations of diurnal and low-light-foraging bees

   — Missing for almost 100 years: the rare and potentially threatened bee, Pharohylaeus lactiferus (Hymenoptera, Colletidae)

   — Review of the bee genus Homalictus Cockerell (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) from Fiji with description of nine new species

   — Radiation of tropical island bees and the role of phylogenetic niche conservatism as an important driver of biodiversity

   — Holocene population expansion of a tropical bee coincides with early human colonisation of Fiji rather than climate change

   — Continental risk assessment for understudied taxa post‐catastrophic wildfire indicates severe impacts on the Australian bee fauna

   — Climate change and invasive species: a physiological performance comparison of invasive and endemic bees in Fiji

   — Twenty six new species of Leioproctus (Colletellus): Australian Neopasiphaeinae, all but one with two submarginal cells (Hymenoptera, Colletidae, Leioproctus)

   — The genus Amegilla (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Anthophorini) in Australia: a revision of the subgenus Asaropoda

   — Origin and dispersal of Homalictus (Apoidea: Halictidae) across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Pacific

   — First observations on the life cycle and mass eclosion events in a mantis fly (Family Mantispidae) in the subfamily Drepanicinae

   — Evolution: Dampening the Cambrian Explosion

   — Unparalleled mitochondrial heteroplasmy and Wolbachia co-infection in the non-model bee, Amphylaeus morosus

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