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chlorocyaneafemale 11.5mm 11mm 11mmhylaeus obtusatisfemale 12mm 13.5mmmegachile erythropygafemale 13mm 14mm 15.5mm 16mm 175mm 17°45'53.8s 177°25'37.9e 2.5mm 2.8mm 200p 28°51'04.4s 153°33'25.2e 3.5 3.5mm 33.725800 150.371085 3mm 4.5mm 4mm 5.3mm 5.5mm 5mm 6.5mm 6mm 7.5mm 7mm 8.5mm 8.5mmamegilla notomegilla chlorocyaneamale 8mm 9.5 9.5mm 9mm abispa ephippium acaceae acrophylla titan adelaide adelaide river adult agricultural pest agriculture akymichneumon sp. alice springs alpinie caerula amegilla asaropoda amegilla asaropoda bombiformis amegilla bombiformis amegilla cingulata amegilla notomegilla chlorocyanea amegilla notomegilla chlorocyaneafemale amegilla notomegilla chlorocyaneamale amegilla sp. amegilla zonamegilla adelaidae amegilla zonamegilla adelaidae female amegilla zonamegilla asserta america amorbus amphibian amphylaeus amphylaeus morosus animal anoplognathus ant apis mellifera apollo bay arachnid archimantis latistyla arrowsmith ash asparagaceae austalia australia australian australian native australian nature australian paper wasp australian photographer austroblebeia austroplebeia australis austroplebeia essingtoni austroplebeia sp. austrothurgus rubricatus avian backlighting ballina banana stalk flies telostylinus sp banded pupa parasite wasp bangalow barrington bathroom bay beach bee bees beetle beetle coleoptera belmore river bendigo bigscrub bird black background black hairless bee masked family colletidae blattodea bleating tree frog blinman blue flaxlily blue mountains blue tongue blue triangle butterfly bluebanded bee blueberry lily bluegreened long legged fly austrosciapus proximus family dolichopodidae bluetongue bluetongued lizard bolwarra bombus terrestris borden botanical gardens brachyhesma houstoni brachyhesma perlutea brachyhesma sp. braconidae braunsapis braunsapis sp. brisbane broome brown flower beetle glycyphana stolata family scarabaeidae brushtailed rock wallaby bryon bay buckingbong reserve bufo marina bug bug bark bull ant bunya mountains bushfire but i can't be sure but i can't see the hair bands it should have butterfly butterfly lepidoptera byron bay caigura callalictus callohesma flavopicta callohesma matthewsi callohesma mb callohesma sp. 1 callomelittinum cambridge camera trap camping cane toad cane toad rhinella marina canon cape jervis carnarvon casuarina caught on herbacious plants near the side of road cedar city chalicodoma mystaceana chequered cuckoo bee chequered swallowtail butterfly christmas beetle chrysalis cicada cicadellidae cicadidae clouds coast coastal coastal heath cockroach colelcted in nest coleoptera collected in nest of cyathea australis during winter under a collection permit as part phd project by olivia davies from flinders university colourful common australian crow common crow common crow butterfly common large paper wasp common rhinoceros beetle copper laurel cordyline rubra coreidae cosgrove south cosmodes elegans cranburn creek sandpaper fig crocidolomia pavonana crow's nest crow's nest national park crusader bug nymph cuckoo cuckoo wasp cute daily dozen dark dbm deep creek degrey degrey river diamond back moth dianella caerulea diptera ditaxis ditaxis meridiei diving dorey dotswood dover drain fly drone dung beetle dutton park eastern grey kangaroo echthromorpha agrestoria eclosed ecology eggs elaine empidoidea enoggera eucalypt forest eulophidae wasp eulophidea euploea core eupomatia laurina eupomatiacea european honeybee euryglossa ephippiata euryglossa subsericea euryglossa subsericea male euryglossina euryglossina hypochroma euryglossina sp. euryglossinafemale euryglossinamale evening evening brown butterfly exoneura inquilina sp. exoneura sp. exuvia eye false garden mantid family family alydidae family anthophoridae family bittacidae family flatidae family gasteruptiidae family halictidae family ichneumonidae family megachilidae family nymphalidae family salticidae family vespidae familyagaonidae female female. ficus coronata field field trip field work fig wasp fiji fijiensis fire firetailed mudwasp firetailed resin bee first instar flinders university flora flower flower wasp flowers fly focus focus stack focus stck forest formicidae forst fraser frog full moon fungi fungus funnel funnel web gall gallforming garden jumping spider gasteruptiid gasteruptiid wasps order hymenoptera gasteruptiid wasps. gasteruptiidae gawler geen geraltdon glasswing butterfly acraea andromacha gold goldentail bull ant goldentailed spiny ant goldentailed spiny ant polyrhachis hagiomyrma sp. gotra sp. graphium eurypylus graphium sarpedon grass great otway great otway national park green green and gold nomia bee green blotched moth green mottled planthopper greyheaded flying fox pteropus poliocephalus ground nesting had a few mites on it hadronyche infensa hairy halls creek hampton hanging fly harpobittacus tillyardi harpullia pendula hatchet wasps family evaniidae blueeyed evania appendigaster heath hemiptera hemitpera heterohesma clypeata heterohesma clypeatafemale heteroptera highkey hike hiking hobart homalictus homalictus caloundrensis homalictus fijiensis homalictus male homalictus punctatus homalictus urbanus hopper horns huntsman huonville hylaeine hylaeus hylaeus euprosopis honestus hylaeus euprosopoides obtusatus hylaeus euprosopoides rotundiceps hylaeus gnathoprosopis albonitens hylaeus gnathoprosopis euxanthus hylaeus gnathoprosopoides philoleucus hylaeus macrohylaeus alcyoneus hylaeus obtusatis hylaeus obtusatismale hylaeus prosopisteron chlorosoma hylaeus prosopisteron perhumilis hylaeus prosopisteron quadratus hylaeus prosopisteron quadratusmale hylaeus prosopisteron sp. hylaeus rhodohylaeus maiellus hylaeus rhodohylaeus proximus hylaeus rhodohylaeus sp. hyleaus euprosopis elegans hyleaus euprosopis elegansfemale hyleaus euprosopis husela hymenoptera ichneumonidae if not it is a l. parasphecodes species iii inchneumon indee insect insect life insecta intellagama lesueurii introduced invert invertebrate island isnect it looks like e. mutica j james james dorey james dorey photography james dorey. photography jamesdoreyphotography jbdorey jbdorey james jborey jewel beetle jumping spider just eclosed kentdale killen falls kingstone kladothrips rodwayi kleptoparasite koala l. flavoviridis species group lacewing lady beetle lake lake elizabeth lake eyre s. lamington national park landscape large brown mantid large brown mantid archimantis latistyla large green long legged fly chrysosoma leucopogon family dolichopodidae large insect large mudnest wasp lasioglossum lasioglossum australictus lithuscum lasioglossum chilalictus bicingulatum lasioglossum chilalictus calophyllae lasioglossum chilalictus cognatum lasioglossum chilalictus hemichalceum lasioglossum chilalictus lanarium lasioglossum chilalictus littleri lasioglossum chilalictus ochroma lasioglossum chilalictus sp. lasioglossum chilalictus veronicae lasioglossum parasphecodes lasioglossum parasphecodes hiltacum lasioglossum parasphecodes lithuscum lasioglossum parasphecodes sp. lasioglossum parasphecodes sp. or australictus lasioglossum sp lasioglossum sp. lassioglossum lassioglossum chilalictus bicingulatum lassioglossum chilolictus florale lassioglussum parasphecodes lauxaniid fly lavers hill leaf leafhopper leioproctus amabilis leioproctus carinatus leioproctus charicolletes elegans leioproctus exleycolletes cristatus leioproctus plumosus leioproctus sp leioproctus sp. leipdoptera lennox heads lepidoptera life lipothroches australica lipothroches australicamale lipotriches lipotriches australica lipotriches austronomia australica lipotriches austronomia flavoviridus lipotriches austronomia gracilipes lipotriches austronomia sp lipotriches austronomia sp. litoria dentata litoria jungguy live live animal live stack lizard long exposure lookout looks like a faded l. australica lycosidae m. simplex is a possibility macadamia orchard macadamia tree macro macro brisbane macropod macropus giganteus male male flatfooted fly male titan stick insect mammal mangrove mantid mantid oothecae parasite wasp podagrion or pachytomoides sp. family torymidae mantidae mantidfly mantis mantispid mantispidae maratus marina masked bee mecoptera megachile megachile aurifrons megachile austrochile sp. megachile callomegachile mystaceana megachile erythropyga megachile erythropygamale megachile eutricharaea megachile eutricharaea gahani megachile eutricharaea ignescens megachile eutricharaea maculariformis megachile eutricharaea macularis megachile eutricharaea macularismale megachile eutricharaea obtusa megachile eutricharaea obtusa or serricauda megachile eutricharaea sp. megachile eutricharea atrella megachile hackariapis oblonga megachile hackeriapis aurifrons megachile hackeriapis aurifronsfemale megachile hackeriapis oblonga megachile lucidiventris megachile nigrovittata megachile rhodomegachile abdominale megachile sp. melanitis leda melbourne melomys burtoni fawnfooted membracoidea membracoidea sp. meroglossa meroglossa torrida micro microscope microscopy middlesex midnight might be a l. parasphecodes species millipede mist mopsus mormon moraceae moreton bay morning moss moth moult moulting mountains mountains cedar city mundrabilla murrumbidgee river mushroom mygalomorph mygalomorphae myrmecia myrmecia brevinoda myrmecia chrysogaster narrandera narrawong national geographic national park native native ginger native guava nature nature neuroptera nb photograph wings this and one above may be male female of the same species neon cuckoo bee nepal nepal travels james dorey jbdorey nature photography canon asia nepal travels james dorey jbdorey nature photography canon asia panorama nephrotoma australasiae neriidae nest nesting neuroptera new south wales newman newrybar ng night nightjar nomia australica nomia hoplonomia rubroviridis nomia paulynomia aurantifer nomia rubroviridis nomia rubroviridisfemale nomiinae normanville north america northern territories not absolutely sure notes bees caught in an open paddock on small herbacious plants. area had a lot of agriculture and towns. was breezy quite cool but sunny. notes bees on a gumtree side of road gums were fairly common in area was sunny and calm weather. rolled ankle jumping into the damn tree notes campground single tree with same species on it notes caught buzzing around some flowering garden plants across the road from huonville market or whatever it is called where woolworths is. were actually reasonably common here. notes caught in a garden planted to provide seasonround resources for native bees some were collected the weeds nearby. was sunny but cool day at around 12pm. owner said that gum forest property had not flowered past couple of years and snow event earlier year may have killed many ground. notes caught in residential area the morning hobart's outer suburbs notes caught in the afternoon on a couple of medium shrubs small gums near free campsite. were hundreds wasps visiting flowers with spattering other bees and flies. clear sunny weather breeze. notes caught mid morning 10am near the beach and a rivermouth on yellowflowering weeds in grass. it was warm not windy bees were directly vials this is why you shouldn't get to absorbed food you'll vial. notes caught near a small purple flowering plant next to creek that was running into the ocean beach. also large dune system which did not seem have much in way of flowers at time. seemed be lot european honey bees but i only saw these two sunny and calm. notes caught near the lake on a fairly common purple flowering plant again possibly pea but i didnt look closely in wind more fool me. very windy sunny and warm. lots of other things visiting flowersplants including ants that were agressive to bees net. so than had previously seen they would latch hold as much could little while struggled. notes caught on a couple of gums and melaleucas mostly the latter. lots bees these trees near beekeper nature reserves i actually had to leave before more for fear not having time edit all photos. so kept finding new species sometimes catching doubles. clear weather sunyy day windy notes caught on a flowering casuarina not many of these seen but plenty european honeybees and lassioglossum sp. lots photos from the day in two are vial. notes caught on a flowering gum tree in yard the outskirts of narrawong which is surrounded by lots open fields and sparse native vegetation. sunny not windy cagth just before 3pm. notes caught on a flowering melaleuca that seemed very common and widespread in the broader area over few shires along coorong. mostly small native bee species present large numbers as well many european honey bees. sunny day with stiff breeze. collected between 9am 12pm notes caught on a gum in melbourne botanical gardens really near the war memorial at king's domian. around 2pm reasonably cool time. several more species found than this one but i already had them vials now notes caught on a gum near the road in paddock warm and sunny but very windy it was even hard to net. notes caught on a gum next to rest stop off the main highway there are plenty of gums flowering in area although they often dispersed from each other. bees between 8am and 10am after this i saw less natives is when european honey started visitting tree not before that saw. it was overcast but warm. notes caught on a larger yellow bush which seemed to have many more small bees flying around it but i wasnt using my net. was also cuaght later in the afternoon 230pm after smaller flowers grass had closed up. sunny and quite warm notes caught on a melaleuca along the main road. quite windy but sunny and warm. notes caught on a melaleuca amongst many flowering melaleucas in the immediate area within couple of kms ocean and cape jervis itself. lots individuals as well species this tree i assume others around it with bees being very active. warm sunny calm at 2pm afternoon. notes caught on a native vine which was almost done flowering at the time apparently week before it its peak. there were also paperbarks nearby that but not getting much attention from bees mostly flies as far i could tell this is despite pollinators being seemingly abundant in area. these along hte edge of some regerated forest eucalypt with regenerated rainforst very close by and connected to forest. warm sunny day light breeze. notes caught on a orange flowering gum outside of the highschool. it's interesting as i rarely find many natives these coloured gums just europeane honey bees and bumble bees. before noon warm day. notes caught on a similar gum to the one in previous entry small white flowers side of highway with higher density gums flowering than entry. it was around 3pm and quite hot very few native bees trees. like before there were lots colourfullyspeckled moths. notes caught on a small melaleuca near historic graveyard site. there were also other flowering plants nearby. windy but sunny and warm. notes caught on a tree with orange flowers that was quite common in the area at least side of road. weather starting to warm up after few days rain and cold area. many species near top where i had climb wasn't too tall though 6m high notes caught on a white flowering gum the side of highway. limitted bush nearby notes caught on a white flowering tree out the front of someones yard. had lots bumblebees and europeans it owners said that every year flowers attracts many pollinators. 11am sunny calm day. notes caught on a whiteflowering melaleuca in the town of apollo bay. there were also pink and orange melaleucas nearby but most natives did not seem to visit one. bee 147 was active earlier morning 11am while other species found after noon 130 pm. notes caught on a yellow flowered herbyshrub with deep flowers. also present were lots of beetles and hemiptera. pollen in flowers bees. bees best by looking inside the breaking them off throwing net to get bee out rather than sweeping. sunny weather bit windy. notes caught on a yellow flowering tall herb perhaps pea but was too windy to look without breaking off flower. very sunny and late in the afternoon 230pm. few other insects visiting flowers. notes caught on a yellowflowering bush flowering in the heath at edge of road early afternoon was sunny and warm day with little breeze. other floral resources were available such as banksias. notes caught on asteraceae along the side of road sunny warm day notes caught on roadside asteraceae mid morning 1030am cool but sunny day. other native species found nearby garden plants lassioglossum sp. in vials notes caught on small herby things with a purple flowers above the high tide line probably at least partly submerged largest tides. mangroves around and bees not overly common in area. was sunny warm late morning. notes caught on small shrub with purple flowers near the side of highway also lots stingless bees nearby white flowering shrub. sunny weather not windy notes caught on two gums by the side of a busy road at about 130pm reasonably warm and sunny with almost no wind. notes caught on what appears to be a native asteraceae species in an old paddock with apparently vegetation perhaps burnt out trees lots of dead mostly only lower shrubs present. coolwarm around noon. bees fairly common not many nonnatives saw one apis while i was there notes caught the next morning on same medium shrubs small gums as previous day. bees were mostly identified by sight apposed to sweeping due large number of european honey and wasps i believe that there many more species these trees some only gave sam in vials. clear not windy. notes collected from a single mediumsized gum on the side of road. was also large swarm bee 36 probably thousands and them swarming in sun close to ground near tree. lots other species mostly small predominantly yellow colour... there did not seem be many flowering plants area besides this one as seen notes collected from one melaleuca were more nearby but this was the only low enough. extremely hot left bees for five minutes in petri containers sun and they dead. very dusty outback site. notes collected from three small yellowflowering herbsin free camp site near a creek. were active most of the day but activity was observed midmorning 10am just before i left. notes collected on a gum tree flowering at truck stop the side of highway. there were three such trees and i only found stingless bees them although may have been two species present. it was hot sunny day with mild wind. notes collected on a larger melaleuca actually tree not sure if different species to previous entry as much activity before perhaps because it was later in the day that they were caught. sunny weather notes collected on common large melaleuca shrubs in arid area. very windy and semicloudy. most bees caught windprotected side. notes collected on common melaleuca shrubs in the area at this site there were many trees getting visitted by native bees european honey and giant wasps. it was overcast but warm an old mine shaft notes collected on side of highway in gravel pit also melaleuca paperbark possibly the same species as above they looked similar were a stage flowering and common habitat. caught seemed fairly especially stingless bee species. notes collected on small kangaroo pawlike plants edge of highway. i stopped to look at large obvious orange flowers and smaller purple neither which had any bees attending them the were heavily attended particularly by 75 was very common site other two or one where not overly rare but nearly as 75. sunny with a bit wind seen from about 103012 when left... perhaps later than i'd expect heat desert. must continue make good nectar throughout day. arid zone. notes collected while foraging on small ground herb plants that were flowering. was but not landing at the time. notes cuckoo bee found on wildflowers outside of the geraltdon airport. wild flowers were common in area and looked a little bit old. mostly there wasps flies but i did see several bees. also lot more at s2928'11.5 e11500'57.6 notes note yes they were caught on a different day and earlier in the than previously 11am rather 130pm notes outskirts of small town springsure next to road from two native street trees notes single tree with yellow flowers in empty house block of the very small town rollingstone. were many female carpenter bees and a few other species. down road there more same clumped together species but still next to road. i did not immediately see any on these trees. notes species caught on melaleuca trees the side of highway. these seemed fairly common and were flowering widely. they also in later stages this habitat. notes these bees were all feeding off a single gum tree just across the road from an alice springs sign. it was very windy and most of species quite common particularly however 43 abundant returning several individuals with each sweep. also present hawk moths even spoonwinged neurpotera but i lost that specimen. tried to feed on my net attracted white. notes this bee was quite common from the border with qld to three ways. wherever i stopped foud only species but searched small shrubby flowering plants yellow or purple. another location that found and took a second third specimen for sam s1918'21.7 e13505'59.6 s2848'55.1 e13330'23.8 nsw nt nudgee beach nymph o'reilly's o'reilly's rainforest resort ocean opisthoncus parcedentatus oplismenus undulatifolius orange pupa parasite wasp orchid order order hymenoptera outback outdoor pachyprosopis haematostoma pachyprosopis pachyprosopula kellyi pachyprosopis pachyprosopula kellyifemale pachyprosopis sp. pacific palaeorhiza cnemidorhiza parallela pale brown hawk moth pale triangle butterfly paleaorhiza panorama papilio demoleus parasite parasitoid parasitoids present in large numbers around bee nests parastioid paroo lily passionfruit peacock peacock jumping spider pest petrogale penicillata phasmatodea photographer photography photomicroscopy pin pindar plant planthopper plants platypezidae pleistodontes froggatti plutella xylostella poaceae podsucking bug polistes variabilis family vespidae pollination pollinator polyrhachis ammon ant polyrhachis hagiomyrma sp. possibly e. healesvillensis. it should be noted that the female of mutica and male healesvillensis are not known. pothos longpipes potter wasps potter wasps and paper praying mantis mantodea birsbane australia james dorey jbdorey insect entomology macro focus stack predation predator preserved preserved insect prey preying mantis prostanthera lasianthos pseudomantis albofimbriata psider psychodidae pupa pupae qld qld border to alice springs queen queen bee queensland rainbow lorikeet rainforest rat red caterpillar parasite wasp reflection regrowth reptile research rhinella rhinoceros beetle rhipidura leucophrys rhodomegachile abdominale riptortus serripes robber fly rochester rock rocks rollingstone royal botanical gardens s1324'10.0 e13116'47.0 s1550'12.2 e12954'58.0 s1558'48.9 e12931'12.2 s1559'03.7 e13326'00.6 s1603'29.7 e12906'41.1 s1755'38.9 e12230'35.7 s1759'20.8 e12748'00.5 s1806'54.6 e12645'17.9 s1902'37.3 e14623'25.6 s2000'12.4 e14626'21.5 s2000'12.4 e14626'21.5 megachile eutricharaea gahani s2004'12.5 e13645'43.9 s2007'44.8 e13413' 15.5 s2042'29.0 e11829'22.8 s2347'11.6 e13352'40.9 s2406'36.9 e14805'23.8 s2436'17.0 e11937'16.7 s2504.207 e14816.259 s2826'47.1 e11559'47.1 s2844'05.7 e15332'47.1 s2847'09.7 e11441'59.9 s2854'22.6 e13620'06.0 s28°44'09.2 e153°32'51.9 s28°46'12.1 e153°31'14.0 s2928'11.5 e11500'57.6 s2929'10.6 e13710'46.5 s3022'35.3 e15306'11.2 s3105'55.8 e13840'47.1 s3107'46.9 e15259'21.9 s3121'24.6 e13122'00.4 s3150'18.3 e12807'53.5 s3217'29.1 e12518'48.5 s3306'02.9 e13802'03.3 s3338'52.6 e15002'47.4 s3401'31.9 e11816'23.6 s3440'28.6 e13853'10.5 s3457'37.0 e13844'08.2 s3457'45.8 e11703'03.9 s3515'07.9 e14143'06.7 s3526'46.7 e13806'40.5 s3536'15.1 e13806'40.5 s3624'54.8 e14533'38.0 s3625'08.3 e14439'37.3 s3625'25.5 e13948'30.5 s3653'58.2 e14413'07.1 s3746'26.2 e14401'33.6 s3749'44.5 e14458'26.7 s3750'42.2 e14514'32.1 s3841'38.1 e14321'29.2 s3845'32.4 e14339'57.6 s4110'32.3 e14610'01.4 s4119'35.0 e14616'31.6 s4132'33.8 e14558'42.4 s4250'03.3 e14728'59.2 s4250'54.7 e14716'23.8 s4301'38.7 e14703'03.1 s4318'36.3 e14700'49.5 sa saddleback bee saddleback euryglossine salt flats salt lake sampling sandpaper fig sandy soil sapindaceae sawfly sawtell scale insect science scientist sciurus griseus scoliidae hairy flower wasp series several individuals of this species were observed checking out a flowering shrub they very fast flyers and difficult to catch. siphanta hebes skink small animal small climing plant smuggler's cove snow solitary bee south australia southwest pacific sp. sparassidae specimen spider springsure squirrel stack stars stick stick insect stingless bee subfamily braconinae orange braconid wasp family braconidae subfamily eumeninae subfamily flatinae subfamily monodontomerinae order hymenoptera subfamily myrmeciinae subfamilyagaoninae sugarbag bees summertown sunrise sunset superfamilychalcidoidea swains creek swarm sydney t macro tachinid tasmania taveuni tawny frogmouth tetragonula carbonaria the green colour of thorax suggests l. plumosus rather than carinatus theretra latreillii thrip thrips thyreus caeruleopunctatus thyreus nitidulus thyreus waroonensis thyreus waroonensis male tiger crane fly tiliqua scincoides tim heard tiny toad toowoomba travel travels tree tree frog trees tribe siphantini tropics tulip lancewood tulipwood tunnel undergrowth unidescribed uq usa ut utah venn vertebrate vesipididae vespid victoria victoria highway virgin queen vit levu viti levu wa wallaby wantirna warr warrumbungles wasp wasps water water dragon waterfall waterholes waves wavyleaf basketgrass wawestern australia web weeroona island weevil wentworth falls western australia western gray squirrel wide angle wideangle widespread wild wildlife william creek williamstown willie wagtail wing wlliams creek wold spider wolf spider xanthesma flava xanthesma xenohesma flava xanthesma xenohesma stagei xanthorrhoeacea xylocopa lestis aeratus xylotrupes ulysses yalata yellow yellowbanded ichneumon wasp zebra finch zingiberaceae zoology
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