I'm driven by my love of nature. For as long as I can remember I always have been. I believe that this love was first instilled in me when growing up surrounded by the rainforest that my father planted around our house. I carried this interest as a child into my adult years and into my university degree, where I studied a bachelor of science in ecology and zoology at The University of Queensland.

Upon beginning my degree my interests were broad and included fish, mammals, birds, plants, reptiles and much more. All of which fascinated me! But I wasn't particularly interested by insects, spiders and the other tiny, unknown creatures that creep in their trillions around, through and above the earth. In fact in my first year of science I was asked if I wanted to do the course "Insect Science" the following year, to which I scoffed and said something along the lines of "No, definitely not". So what changed?

Later that year, I bought a second hand 100mm macro lens for my camera. After that, my world, perspective, focus and passion changed. I was a convert.

So this is my mission, I want to be able to provide you with the means to share your passion for nature. Particularly, yet no limited to the tiny and unseen. I want to share my passion for nature.

I am currently completing my Ph.D at Flinders University in Adelaide - looking at the evolution, taxonomy and ecology of Australian and Fijian native bees! 

Contact details:

James Dorey Photography

Adelaide, South Australia

jbdorey [at] me.com



Australian Geographic Issue 139 – July/August 2017

Previous image publications

   Author of "Bees of Australia: A Photographic Exploration"

   Australian Geographic Magazine images, feature article, online article and front cover image (issues 138 and 139)

   Australian Geographic online gallery

   National Geographic online

   Miniature Lives (CSIRO publishing) 

   The Australian Native Bee Book (Sugarbag Bees)

   The Guardian 

   The Australian Weekender (Heart of the Nation) x2

   Australian Geographic’s ANZANG nature photographer of the year book and calendar (2015)

   Australian Native Bees - A practical handbook by NSW Department of Primary Industry

   Wildlife Australia Magazine

   Several newsletters and non-profit organization productions

   Suburban living, Gardening Australia, Sanctuary Asia magazines, CSIRO and more

Previous photographic awards

   Editor's favourite for National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (2016) 

   Two times finalist in Nikon's Small World Photomicrography competition (2018)

   Finalist in Nikon's Small World Photomicrography competition (2016)

   Four times finalist in the 2018 Australian Photography Awards

   Four times finalist in the 2017 Australian Photography Awards 

   Finalist in 2016 Australian Photography Awards (Landscape and Environment) 

   Finalist in the 2016 Australian Photography of the year, Nature category

   1st place Australian Entomological society photography competition 2015

   1st place Ecological Society of Australia photography competition – Landscape 2015

   Two Finalist photos in Australian Geographic’s ANZANG nature photographer of the year 2015

   Highly commended for the New Scientist’s science photographer of the year 2015

   1st place Gardening Australia photography competition

   Canon light awards (clarity): 2nd place in student division    

   Canon light awards (high-key): 2nd place in student division

Other work

Commission photography    

Photographic presentations

Community engagement 


Image commissioned for a book on The Big Scrub Rainforest

Editor's favourite for National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (2016)

Ditaxis biseriata emerging

Muscles contracting and body squeezing to escape its now confining exoskeleton this Mantispid continues its transition into adult life and the unknown.

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